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About us

triangle® is a German premium brand of kitchen tools with special focus on preparing, garnishing and decorating foods. The brand stands for smooth and easy to use tools in high quality and timeless design. Our products are demanded by individuals that are passionately working with food, professional chefs, home chefs and foodies.

As family owned manufacturing company since 1946, we realized in 2007 that time had come to be not only a supplier to other brands but to establish a brand that carries all we stand for. triangle® was born and with it uncompromised quality from Solingen, creativity, a passion for cooking and garnishing and environmental consciousness.

Today we produce around 300 different articles at the location in Solingen and sell them worldwide. We attach great importance to “made in Solingen”, prefer to co-operate with local partners and work as sustainably as possible in all areas.

Products and services

Triangle is a manufacturing company based in Solingen and specialized in kitchen utensils with special focus on preparing, garnishing and decorating foods, such as:

Different knives, peelers, corers, destalkers, melon ballers, zesters, canal knives, fruit spoons, cutters, slicers, various graters, pastry and pizza wheels, scissors, spatulas, brushes, ladles, spoons, curlers, seeders, garlic presses, tongs, needles, fish tweezers, barbecue tweezers, different kinds of shears, openers , forks, openers, oyster knives, scalers, skewers, mezzalunas, mincing knives, sharpening stones and a large variety of carving and sculpting tools.

Products are demanded by individuals that are passionately working with food, professional chefs, home chefs and foodies.

Vegetable slicer with parabolic blade

Vegetable slicer with parabolic blade

The parabolic blade makes this vegetable slicer a global novelty. The cutting angle of the blade imitates the smooth and rocking cut of a chef’s knife. It is razorsharp, made of hardened stainless steel and can be replaced for extra sustainability. Two exchangeable inserts allow even slices of 1, 3 and 5 mm thickness as well as 4mm juliennes. Inserts can be stored in slots inside the slicer. Including safety holder, support notches for bowls and solid blade protection. Dishwasher safe. Patented.

Garlic cutter

Garlic cutter

Garlic cubes made quick and easy! The triangle® garlic cutter cuts garlic cloves into fine strips. If smaller cubes are desired, a knife can be moved along the cutting grid. After use the cutting grid can be removed and rinsed in the sink. Taking off the cleaning grid removes residues left behind on the stamp. For faster cleaning, the triangle® garlic cutter can be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher. Made of stainless steel, food safe.

Grater series wit catcher

Grater series wit catcher

The triangle® grater series fulfill all expectations of nowadays razor-sharp graters. On top they come with an innovative catcher that collects shavings and directs them either into a bowl or straight onto the dish. Turned and placed over the blade the catcher becomes an effective blade protection. All graters carry non-slip feet with special notches for safe support when used on bowls and pans. Available in 5 versions made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

News & Innovations

Biodegradable plastics 

triangle® GREENGRIP® series is a product range which is particularly resource-saving. Thus GREENGRIP® is a further innovational step of triangle GmbH to have the "greenest" company possible.

GREENGRIP® handles are made 100 % out of renewable resources and they are 100 % made in Germany. The fossil fuels, which are commonly used in the production of plastics, are replaced by lignin, which, in turn, originates from the wood of sustainably certified forests.

The high processing quality allows optimum handling. GREENGRIP® series are food save, dishwasher save and as durable as conventional polypropylenes.


triangle GmbH
Friedenstr. 98
42699 Solingen

Phone: +49 212 221150
Fax: +49 212 2211511

Stephane Spinelli
Export Manager
Phone: +49 212 2211526

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