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Bartscher GmbH

Booth number: S2-C20

Experience and competence since 1876
Bartscher GmbH is a supplier of professional kitchen equipment. Since the company was founded in 1876 and the expansions of the family business in the sixties, Bartscher GmbH has consistently taken steps towards becoming a market leading kitchen supplier in Germany.
As a full range provider of professional kitchen equipment Bartscher offers a complete program with best price-performance-ratio and innovative product ideas.
We present a comprehensive range from A for „ashtray“ to K for „knife sharpeners“ to W for „wok pans“. The extensive Bartscher spectrum also features exclusive premium devices such as the Hi-Light Salamander, the M + E series combined steam cookers, and our high quality, modular 700 Classic and the new 900 Master series. In this context, we endeavour to offer you high quality, easy handling and an attractive price-performance-ratio for all products.

The Bartscher product range is oriented towards the everyday gastronomy:

The programme includes thermal series, pizza ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and devices for keeping food warm (Salamander) as well as small appliances such as coffee machines, ceramic hobs, or display refrigerators.

Our catalogue with 304 pages and over 1800 products, leaves no kitchen dream unfulfilled and is available to download at www.bartscher.com at any time.

Bartscher GmbH
Franz-Kleine-Str. 28
33154 Salzkotten

Phone: +49 5258 971127
Fax: +49 5258 971140

E-mail: export@bartscher.de
Internet: www.bartscher.de


ebro - Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: S2-B2

ebro offers a huge range of professional measurement devices for the areas of food, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Measuring, recording, evaluating with ebro
Founded in 1968 ebro has specialized in designing and manufacturing top of the range measuring devices such as handheld instruments, thermometers and data loggers. If you are looking for equipment including software to measure temperature, humidity, pH-values, oil quality, pressure or Brix then you are here at the right place with ebro as your partner.

ebro means service and customer satisfaction
Our support team is here to help you with sound knowledge and advice. We at ebro see us not only as manufacturer and designer, but also as service provider that works with you hand in hand, from quotation and purchasing, to getting the best results with our measurement technology. Using our measurement devices gives you the freedom to work efficiently while saving valuable resources.

ebro offers handheld instruments, thermometers and data loggers for the food and medical industry.

All vital areas for processing or manufacturing food products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc. are governed, by strictest regulations laid down in national or international guidelines, rules or law to ensure proper documentation in all stages. Ebro offers custom-made solutions to ease your workload and allows you excellent monitoring including optimized analysis and documentation in paper or electronic fashion. Our product portfolio will give you the assurance that you work with quality equipment ranging from the easiest, very reliable thermometer to the most sensitive sensors used in data loggers.

ebro - Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG
Peringerstr. 10
85055 Ingolstadt

Phone: +49 841 954780
Fax: +49 841 9547880

E-mail: ebro@xyleminc.com
Internet: www.ebro.com


GEV Grosskuechen-Ersatzteil-Vertrieb GmbH

Booth number: S2-C5

GEV was founded in 1991 in Germany as a specialist wholesaler in catering equipment spares. By continuously expanding our range, we now occupy a leading position in the market. Today we are the leading supplier for catering equipment spares e.g. for gas, electric, mechanical components, refrigeration, washing and coffee machines - to the specialist trade and industry - with more than 70,000 items always on stock, suitable for 560 of the most important manufacturers.

The quality of the products and services we offer is given very high priority within our corporate policy. The basis is comprehensive quality assurance with on-going quality improvement in order to satisfy the requirements of all our customers worldwide.

Customers around the world place their trust in our fast, safe and reliable shipping process.

The spare parts and accessories in the GEV range cover the wide area of catering equipment. GEV provides its customers always with the most suitable item.

With more than 1.5 million items accessible with the GEV Webshop and App, the customers can always find what they are looking for. Exploded drawings, item pictures, comprehensive technical data and stock availability are constantly available in this most powerful search tools in the sector.

Additionally the GEV catalogues present all key items clearly. For each product group there is an own catalogue:

  • Electric components
  • Gas components
  • Mechanical components
  • Water and beverage Technology
  • Tools, fastening materials and consumables

GEV Grosskuechen-Ersatzteil-Vertrieb GmbH
Gadastr. 4
85232 Bergkirchen/Munich

Phone: +49 8142 652250
Fax: +49 8142 6522649

E-mail: info@gev-online.com
Internet: www.gev-online.com


MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: S2-B20

Professional warewashing is MEIKO’s true element. From small glasswashers, hood type dishwashers, and flight and rack type dishwashing machines right through to complete warewashing systems with conveyor and automation technology and sustainable food waste disposal systems, MEIKO offers a full spectrum of clean solutions. Market-shaping innovations such as our M-iQ commercial dishwashers and the M-iClean range of undercounter dishwashers have achieved major success thanks to their economical use of resources, high quality, and cost-effective operation. Our technology and comprehensive service and support packages offer the flexibility you need to thrive in the modern world of staff catering.

As a value-driven company we are also committed to ensuring fair dealings with our business partners, customers and employees. Customers all over the world are choosing clean solutions from MEIKO. Because we’re more than just a supplier – we’re your partner!

UPster Dishwashers for the New Generation
MEIKO has introduced a new range of dishwashing machines known as the UPster generation. Whether you’re a professional, a renovation expert, or a newcomer to the industry, these machines are a great choice if you need a clean solution fast.

When it comes to professional warewashing technology, people are looking for something fast, easy-to-use and economical.
The new UPster generation of machines from the Offenburg, Germany-based manufacturer MEIKO ticks all the right boxes, offering tried-and-tested MEIKO quality at a price which keeps the premium-class benefits without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect choice for budgets that still need time to grow.

MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Englerstr. 3
77652 Offenburg

Phone: +49 781 2030
Fax: +49 781 2031179

E-mail: info@meiko.de
Internet: www.meiko.info


Stephan Machinery GmbH

Booth number: S2-B1

STEPHAN Machinery specializes in the design and building of machines and plants for food production processes. It has more than 60 years of experience in the food industry, supplying many leading food brands with customized machinery that supports their production processes and enhances efficiency.

STEPHAN Machinery produces machinery and engineering / automation solutions for different fields of application, such as: dairy, convenience food, meat and confectionery. In the future we will focus on turnkey solutions to meet the high expectations of our customers in the food industry.

Since April 2014, Stephan Machinery has been operating under one innovative umbrella organisation, specializing in processing technology under the name ProXES (Processing and eXpert Engineering Services) - together with the further members: FrymaKoruma, Terlet and Suatec. These four strong companies with a long history of processing technology now are to co-operate in the future..

STEPHAN Universal Machines

All those involved in food processing will be aware of the superiority of STEPHAN Universal Machines. The machines uncompromising top-class performance exceeds the highest demands of customers who really know what the market has to offer.

STEPHAN Universal Machines are characterized by exceptional versatility. They are all-purpose, robust and long lasting, easy to clean and multiple working steps can be carried out in one machine. It is ideal for use in all fields of food processing, e.g. dairy, convenience food, confectionary, meat and sausages.

All processing steps are performed according to the proven STEPHAN principle: Each process is achieved in one machine (all-in-one), the power of the main motor is transferred directly to the knives – without gear! The rotating knives, reverse-acting scraper arm together with the interaction of the special bowl-geometry achieve optimum processing of the product in a shortest of time.

Stephan Machinery GmbH
Stephanplatz 2
31789 Hameln

Phone: +49 5151 5830
Fax: +49 5151 5831110

E-mail: info@stephan-machinery.com
Internet: www.stephan-machinery.com


temp-rite International GmbH

Booth number: S2-B22

For the past 40 years, TEMP-RITE International has been the leader in designing and marketing meal distribution systems for healthcare and institutional facilities all over Europe. It began its activity with the introduction of the revolutionary concept of keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold through the use of insulated meal delivery trays. Today it continues to set new standards in meal delivery with its cook-chill, cook-freeze and cook-serve systems. TEMP-RITE International focuses on the needs of the individual customer, providing customized long-term solutions with equipment guaranteed to be efficient, high quality cost-effective, ergonomic and sustainable.

  • Insulated Tray Systems
  • Buffet Carts
  • Active Systems
  • Ancillary Products

temp-rite International GmbH
Theodor-Barth-Str. 29
28307 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 486920
Fax: +49 421 4869228

E-mail: info@temp-rite.de
Internet: www.temp-rite.eu