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Frying, braising, cooking – and a little more too!

Frying, braising or cooking – the new Küppersbusch multifunctional tilting bratt pans FEP 650 and FEP 950 are flexible, and they can be used individually. Thanks to sophisticated technology, it is now possible to cook sensitive products such as rice pudding, desserts and sauces automatically, without any burning. Küppersbusch has focused its attention especially on sensitive temperature ranges, since desserts and sauces are frequently produced in large quantities in institutional food facilities.

The multifunctional tilting bratt pans are operated with tried-and-tested KCI touch controls – KüppersbuschCookingIntelligence. Küppersbusch consciously decided in favour of uniform controls for the appliance lines. This means that kitchen crew members do not need to get used to a different system and, thanks to the icons, unskilled staff and staff who are not speaking the local language can operate the appliances.

It had already been decided at the beginning of the development phase that the new FEP 650 and FEP 950 multifunctional tilting bratt pans were to be completely integrable.

Exhibitor: Küppersbusch Food Service Equipment

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