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NOWASTE Material Innovation

NOWASTE® materials are fully biodegradable. In their physical properties and optics they are very similiar to high-impact plastics such as ABS or Polypropylen. The materials consists mainly of bio polymers, natural resins, natural waxes, natural oils, natural fatty acids, cellulose, biological additves and natural reinforcing fibers.

NOWASTE® materials can be processed with conventional plastics processing machines just like the synthetically produced thermoplastics to moulded parts, plates or sheets.


The conservation of resources is the underlying key of NOWASTE activities.

Due to the fact that a natural by-product serves as main ingredient for other products, resources are being saved. The final CO2 friendly NOWASTE® product made out of this by-product is biodegradable and a stable multi way product – thus strongly indicating its resource conservation character.

Exhibitor: NOWASTE GmbH

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